There is no one more amazing than Jane Friedman when it comes to supporting authors and publishers. From first-time authors to seasoned best sellers, Jane has the advice you need.


I have an amazing lake house in Upstate, New York that’s perfect for a writer to escape. Stay tuned for future Writing Retreats with some top talent!




I am all about finding champions for writers, and there is no bigger champion than Joey Tuccio of RoadMap Writers. He lives to connect writers to executives. This is one guy who really does have a writer’s back. Go check the service out and tell Joey I said hi!



Danny Manus is one of the best straight-shooting script consultants around. If you need notes on your scripts to prep them for contests or submissions, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Danny’s No BullScript Consulting services. But be ready to get the unfiltered advice your story needs!


Erik Bork is best known for being a writer and producer on HBO’s Band of Brothers, one of my absolute favorite TV shows. Oh yeah, and he’s won Emmys and Golden Globes. He also has a great website, The Flying Wrestler, full of writing advice and links to his consulting services.


Stay tuned for FREE downloads! As soon as I catch my breath, I’ll get on creating some valuable resources on networking and writing to help you succeed! Oh, and there will be cake. Chocolate cake, to be exact.