So many writers measure “success” as selling a script or novel. But what if success was something different, like simply writing because you love it? I explore all levels of success and share my take on the every-changing bar.

Balls of Steel™: Writing for Free – Is Money the Only Measure of Success?
Balls of Steel™: What is Success
Balls of Steel™: More Than One Path to a Writing Career
Balls of Steel™: 10 Tips to Prepare for Opportunities When They Knock
Balls of Steel™: The Zig-Zag Screenwriting Career Path
Balls of Steel™: The Magic Trick to Selling a Screenplay
Balls of Steel™: Do You Write for You or for Fame?
Balls of Steel™: Cheating With Benefits
Balls of Steel™: Characters, Fate, Philosophy & Clarification
Balls of Steel™: Can You Really Be a Professional Screenwriter? Perception vs Reality

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