On a cold, dreary, winter day, I sat in a coffeeshop and witnessed a lovers’ quarrel. In fact, I tweeted the entire event, like a reporter for a voyeurism news channel.

While I couldn’t hear a single word of the argument, the couple’s body language told a heartbreaking tale.  The emotional recount tweeted in 140-character bits had hundreds of my followers on the edge of their seat and two emails from agents in my inbox.

I instantly knew this was the short film idea I had been waiting for.

Jennifer Fontaine – photo courtesy of Kerem Hanci

Director and friend Michael Bekemeyer helped bring my words to life when we shot IMPASSE with the amazing actors, Jennifer Fontaine @jen_fontaine, portraying the coffeeshop voyeur, and John T. Woods @johntwoods playing her husband.

John T. Woods


IMPASSE is a day in the life of Alice, a married woman, frustrated with her existence, watching an anonymous young couple fight a heartbreaking battle, deciding their fate. Neither wanting to lose. Neither wanting to compromise. Both deeply in love.

An impasse.

Despite the intense argument, there’s no denying the love this couple feels for each other. It’s palpable. It’s haunting. It consumes Alice, as she flashes back to her own cold war of love.

Will these strangers have any impact on Alice’s life? Or will she leave that coffeeshop and continue to live in fear of change and choice?

The moment of impasse, leading to the necessity of choice. Come explore it through Alice’s eyes.

IMPASSE Teaser Trailer from Michael Bekemeyer on Vimeo.

Thank you to Juliana Finch for the beautiful, haunting theme song for Impasse!

And finally, here is the short film, Impasse:

IMPASSE, starring Jennifer Fontaine and John T. Woods


Special thanks to Marci Liroff for finding Jennifer Fontaine for us!


  • Line Producer, preproduction AD, goddess: Anne Lower @princess_scribe
  • Director of Photography: Nathan Blair @Nathan_Blair
  • 1st AD: Caroline Stevens-Sommers
  • Script Supervisor: Lori Franklin-Garcia
  • 1st Camera Assistant: Lambert Mixson
  • Sound Designer: James Durham @jamesdurham
  • Sound Mixer: Ralph Barnette
  • Film Editor: Eric Brodeur @ebrodeur
  • Colorist: Jason Myers @Jas0n_Myers
  • Composer: Rob Gokee @robgokee
  • PA: Dantina Claire
  • Grip: Louis Troche
  • Grip: Chase Pipkin
  • Gaffer: Pierce Robinson
  • Makeup Artist: Jessica Wilson
  • Musician Juliana Finch @writeplayrepeat

I share what IMPASSE means to me on Film Courage: The Power of an Impasse.

Stay tuned and keep up with our progress by “liking” IMPASSE on Facebook.

Implicit Productions Presents


When the cold war of love meets the moment of truth.

Special thanks to designer Starla Huchton @riznphnx for her help with our poster. Her website is

The Amazing People Who Donated Rewards:

A heartfelt thank you to Wonder Russell, who, by circumstances beyond her control, had to depart the project. We miss you, Brave One.

Our deepest appreciation to the backers of IMPASSE. We couldn’t make this without your support and encouragement. We are humbled. Truly humbled.

16 thoughts on “Impasse

  1. Hi Jeanne,
    congratulations Jeanne. Would love to be involved with this in whatever way you need me too. Please let me know. I never saw these tweets or at least I don’t remember. Maybe I only saw a couple of them. How can I view them? would love to read them. can you send to me? thanks
    love, shirl

  2. This proves the fact that cinema is basically a visual medium and I remember reading it somewhere, a long time back, that cinema should tell a story to the deaf audience.

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