The Ring

For many years I’ve craved writing a novel.  I’ve allowed myself to get sidetracked into screenwriting, blogging and freelance writing, but now, I am fully committed to getting my novel done.

It.  Is.  Time.

Well, almost. I will write it as a screenplay first. Yes, I’m doing this backwards, but that’s how I roll.

Part of the procrastination has simply been because it’s based on a true story… one that will have difficult moments to relive, but also many that are inappropriately hysterical.

When a terminally ill mother needs help, she turns to a group of strangers for love and support. Her illness and death brought four women together and not only made them life-long friends, but also changed their destinies. You’ll laugh in the most  unexpected of places. 

Will it be non-fiction?  Hell, no.  I respect all of our privacy too much.  Plus, I’m smart enough to know the story needs more conflict than anyone’s ordinary life has.

I promise to deliver laughs, as well as tears.

I hope you come on the journey with me, as you all did when my screenwriting partner and I wrote SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME.  Having the support of my fellow writers and friends keeps my words strong.

You all raise the bar for me, for that, I thank you.

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