Jeanne’s writing has been selected as a Creative Screenwriting Expo Finalist, PAGE Awards TV Pilot Finalist, Top 25 Tracking Board Launch Pad, Semi-Finalist Sundance Episodic Lab, Quarterfinalist Final Draft Big Break, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition Second Round, and the DC Women in Film’s Spotlight on Screenwriters.

Slavery by Another Name: The 10-hour limited series adaptation of the NY Times Best Seller and Pulitzer Prize-winning book.

A limited series based on the true stories told in the nonfiction Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Slavery by Another Name. Forty years after the Civil War, the economically downtrodden South falsely arrests thousands of black men on trumped up charges, forcing them into the newly created “perfect” business model – prison leasing. Reconstruction merely reinvented slavery by another name.

IMPASSE_Poster_Starla_Final2Impasse: Short film inspired by one of my many voyeurism moments. I’m honored to be working with director Michael Bekemeyer and talented actor, Wonder Russell.

When the cold war of love meets the moment of truth.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Kickstarter Campaign. Check our Facebook page for updates and the Facebook page of Implicit Productions, as well as Impasse on IMDb.



Aphrodite Elliot: My pen name for an erotica trilogy in the works. Women don’t have to be degraded to find true love… You have the power to have it all… Passion, deep connection, respect, and above all, a profoundly meaningful love that fulfills you, both physically and emotionally. Read Aphrodite’s inspiration for exploring the erotica genre.

More projects with her writing partner, Unknown Screenwriter, coming soon …