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There is no one more amazing than Jane Friedman when it comes to supporting authors and publishers. From first-time authors to seasoned best sellers, Jane has the advice you need: query letters, writer platform, nonfiction book critiques and more. Publishers Weekly is but one outlet you can find her insights, but she also supplies writers with an outstanding newsletter, The Hot Sheet. Contact Jane for consulting on your writing strategy and career and follow her must-read Twitter feed: @JaneFriedman.


Brian A. Klems might be the one person almost as amazing as Jane. The former Senior Online Editor at Writer’s Digest, he truly loves writers and wants every single one of them to succeed. If you have a manuscript in need of editing, gives him a shout. His services are efficient, affordable and top notch. He’s also known to play “Ring Around the Rosy” with his four young girls. Who wouldn’t want a man like this giving them considerate story notes? Learn more about him on his website and follow him on Twitter @BrianKlems.

Cassandra Lipp worked as a freelance writer and wrote the nonfiction book, Queen City Records, which tells the history of Cincinnati record stores, before becoming Managing Editor of Writer’s Digest in 2018. Oh, and she does stand-up comedy. Yeah, you want to work with her. She has an infectious positive attitude, and will keep you on your toes, all while helping you craft a great story with her Book Editing, Copyediting, and Proofreading services. Contact her via her website and follow her on Twitter: @Cassie000000

COMPETITIONS FOR BOOK-TO-FILM: If you want to get your book noticed by Hollywood, one way is to enter your book in a top contest. Here are my favorite…

Tracking Board Manuscript Competition: “With a focus on screenwriters and authors alike, this competition will allow writers the chance to showcase their work by submitting up to 50 pages of prose and synopsis work, highlighting where the story will go. Featuring guaranteed publishing for our winners, as well as guaranteed signings, mentorships, and at least one guaranteed option from a major production company. Our most ambitious competition to date just became our most exciting!”

Book Pipeline: “Launched in 2014, Book Pipeline was conceived by the creators of industry-leader Script Pipeline as the first competition specifically seeking new material for film and television adaptation. Book Pipeline actively develops writers worldwide and prepares their work for ongoing, widespread exposure to producers, agents, and other execs in need of projects for all markets, indie and studio.”