Writing Routine and Goals


Finding time to write is the number one issue for writers. It’s never easy balancing our working and family lives with our creative goals. Take a peek at some tips on juggling everything and still getting words on the page. … Continue reading



So many writers measure “success” as selling a script or novel. But what if success was something different, like simply writing because you love it? I explore all levels of success and share my take on the every-changing bar. Success: … Continue reading



In the game of Hollywood, it’s easy to give up. I share advice and tools to keep your writing motivation up so you don’t quit! Motivation: Balls of Steel™: How to Grow a Set Balls of Steel™: Patience, Crazy Patience … Continue reading

Writing as a Martial Art


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“This is a last-laugh business: If you can survive as people are kicking you in the head, eventually their leg will get tired, and they’ll want to start kicking someone else.  If you’re still there, and can pull yourself up … Continue reading

Write or Die


Today, I officially became a freelance writer, and I owe it to insanity. I was too insane to quit. I was a hustler by day.  Sales.  Straight commission.  Even though I enjoyed my job, the economy was not conducive to … Continue reading

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