don’t make excuses; make a plan.

Having a support system, working on your craft, sharing tips, and knowing when to ask for help are all equally important and essential for success. Let me help you help yourself.


Vector_Book_blue.svgBlog: I rip open my wounds and hand you the salt shaker. Why? Because, as writers, we need to be raw and vulnerable in order to do the same for our characters. I also blog about screenwriting on Script magazine on the intricacies of the film industry to help novelists and new screenwriters understand the realities they face. My column, Balls of Steel™, is one of Stephanie Palmer’s Top 10 Screenwriting Blogs and Screenwriting Staffing named it one of Ten Screenwriting Sites Every Screenwriter Should Bookmark.

Balls of Steel: The Screenwriters Mindset – I started writing Balls of Steel™ for Script magazine in 2011. I lost track of how many emails writers would send me, asking for my advice on how to stay in the game, how to get meetings, and even how to keep themselves from getting divorced or going insane while pursuing a writing career. They inspired me to compile some of my articles, as well as create new content, to shed light on the necessary mindset of a writer. The title may say “screenwriter,” but the book is for all writers and artists.

Reckless Creatives Podcast: A Pipeline Artists original podcast about nothing and everything. Hosts Sadie Dean and Jeanne Veillette Bowerman share the truth, and nothing but the truth, about the challenges and benefits of living life as artists, striving for freedom to create in any medium, even ones you never thought of before. It’s honest—no sugarcoating or selling hope. We tell it like it is, while always finding ways to consume tequila. Think of us as Michael Bay, but with action items that don’t explode.

frame-2086358Consultations: Many writers have approached me over the years, wanting my Balls of Steel™ advice on how to build their own online and offline network, get their material read by Hollywood executives, turn their novels into screenplays, start a website, use Twitter, face their haunting fears, find the perfect margarita… you name it, they ask it.

Let me help you help yourself. Pick my brain, one-on-one, with my consulting services via Skype or telephone, or even in person, should we be in the same area.

teacher-309533_960_720Lectures: One of my favorite experiences is connecting with writers in person at conferences, pitchfests and universities. I share advice on everything from facing fears to navigating Hollywood from my New York State home. Join me at my next Balls of Steel™ event and say hi!


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She was unstoppable not because she did not have failures and doubts, but because she continued on despite them. ~ Beau Taplin