Tough Love Screenwriting Class


Click to tweet this class to your friends and followers! Tough Love Screenwriting with John Jarrell I met John through Twitter (@TLScreenwriting). I know, I know, who haven’t I meet there? Well, there’s Paul Haggis, but give me some more time. … Continue reading

Danny Manus, Kittens and Characters


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I’m constantly meeting people who prove the six-degrees-of-separation theory. Danny Manus is one of those people. As a newbie screenwriter in 2008, I pitched him, unsuccessfully I may add. But there was something about him I liked. He was so … Continue reading

Amazing Retreat for Writers!


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My dear friend, and award-winning screenwriter, Jacob Krueger has found a way to nurture not only a writer’s mind but also their soul. Writing retreats… Costa Rican style! When Jacob learned my short film IMPASSE was being held hostage by … Continue reading

Pimps and Power Point, Together at Last


That’s right, I’m teaching. Writer’s Digest has provided me with an incredible opportunity to share my screenwriting knowledge with their community of writers. On October 14th at 1pm, I’ll be teaching a live webinar, entitled, How to Write a Marketable … Continue reading

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