Writing Routine and Goals


Finding time to write is the number one issue for writers. It’s never easy balancing our working and family lives with our creative goals. Take a peek at some tips on juggling everything and still getting words on the page. … Continue reading



So many writers measure “success” as selling a script or novel. But what if success was something different, like simply writing because you love it? I explore all levels of success and share my take on the every-changing bar. Success: … Continue reading

Story Ideas


Coming up with compelling story ideas isn’t easy, but it’s essential for your success as a writer. The following articles are my thoughts on finding just the right idea for your story. Story Ideas: Balls of Steel™: Pursuit of the … Continue reading



Writing is rewriting. We may know that, but we may not like the rewriting process. Learn invaluable tips on rewriting a screenplay to help ease the pain of the dreaded rewrite. Rewriting: Balls of Steel™: Grab an Actor… and Listen … Continue reading

Novel Writing


With Hollywood loving intellectual property, more and more screenwriters are writing novels. Learn some tips to help navigate this completely different form of writing. Novel Writing: Balls of Steel™: Challenge Yourself to Change Balls of Steel™: Adapting Your Script Into … Continue reading



In the game of Hollywood, it’s easy to give up. I share advice and tools to keep your writing motivation up so you don’t quit! Motivation: Balls of Steel™: How to Grow a Set Balls of Steel™: Patience, Crazy Patience … Continue reading

‘Slavery by Another Name’ Narrative Adaptation Finds Producers


In this week’s Balls of Steel Goes Into the Writing Room and Behind the Lines with DR, I finally spill the beans of why I was in Los Angeles last week. Our passion project, the narrative adaptation of the Pulitzer … Continue reading

Amazing Retreat for Writers!


This gallery contains 4 photos.

My dear friend, and award-winning screenwriter, Jacob Krueger has found a way to nurture not only a writer’s mind but also their soul. Writing retreats… Costa Rican style! When Jacob learned my short film IMPASSE was being held hostage by … Continue reading

Point Break


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In the past two years, I can count the number of days I’ve taken off on one hand. One hand. I plow through each day with an overfull pile of work and constant requests for help as if I am … Continue reading

The Train to Change


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At 23, I was mugged at knifepoint in New York City’s Grand Central Station.  I vowed never to ride the train again.  But in 2007, the Writer’s Digest Conference called my name with promises of hearing Jodi Picoult and meeting “real” … Continue reading

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