Recommended Online Classes

Academy of Film Writing: Award-winning screenwriter Max Adams (Nicholl Fellow and more) is a sassy spitfire who knows her craft. She also knows her kittens, but that’s another story. I had a chance to peek behind the scenes of the AFW, and it’s like no other online class setup I’ve seen. There’s a forum, strict schedule, and tons of topics. Max will hold your feet to the fire, but that’s how you learn and grow. Don’t be a wuss. Check it out. You aren’t going to get better unless you work harder. See Max’s full bio.


The Writers Store is an iconic institution in Burbank. For over 30 years they’ve been serving writers with books, software, online classes and in-person classes at their storefront. They have a ton of webinars to choose from, including ones by Danny Manus, Jen Grisanti, Lee Jessup and more. Go browse. You can take them live or get on-demand recordings.