Screenwriting Resources

With so many screenwriting resources on the internet, allow me to present some top-notch people in the industry who love helping screenwriters.


Any writer serious about breaking into screenwriting should subscribe to the Tracking Board and get access to industry news, the spec script market, forums, scripts and more! If you want a discount, shoot me an email for the discounted PayPal link!

Note: Tracking Board also has amazing Launch Pad competitions that have gotten tons of screenwriters representation and launched careers!




I am all about finding champions for writers, and there is no bigger champion than Joey Tuccio of RoadMap Writers. He lives to connect writers to executives. This is one guy who really does have a writer’s back. Go check the service out and tell Joey I said hi!




Danny Manus is one of the best straight-shooting script consultants around. If you need notes on your scripts to prep them for contests or submissions, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Danny’s No BullScript Consulting services. But be ready to get the unfiltered advice your story needs!


Erik Bork is best known for being a writer and producer on HBO’s Band of Brothers, one of my absolute favorite TV shows. Oh yeah, and he’s won Emmys and Golden Globes. He also has a great website, The Flying Wrestler, full of writing advice and links to his consulting services.

Script Readers was founded in 1999 and is fueled by top-notch readers who work at a reasonable price point. I found them through my writing partner, Unknown Screenwriter, who has used them. Unk doesn’t recommend just anyone to me, so when he pointed me in their direction, I knew I had to listen.


The ScriptXperts at The Writers Store are a very affordable way to get your scripts ready to submit to Hollywood execs. Many writers don’t realize studios use the ScriptXperts for coverage and feedback during the development process.