Editing is Murder… and other tips

My writing partner and I recently cut 25 pages of SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME in order to meet contest requirements.Daunting, to say the least.But in the process, I learned I love editing.I’ve always said, “Love is in the details”.
I love writing, even the gritty nasty parts.

As I tweeted out my progress, writers started sharing their own tips.  Whenever I learn from others, I aim 


to spread the love.

Carrie Bailey of Peevish Penman graciously offered me the perfect venue for
Editing is Murder, my latest in a recent string of editing and rewrite pieces.

The previous two were for Tyler Weaver’s Multi-Hyphenate on what I learned at Stony Brook Southampton Screenwriters Conference, specifically, rewrites and handling feedback:

If you’re looking for other writing tips, you can find great information on Peevish Penman as well as the Scriptchat blog.

Don’t dread editing.  Embrace it.  You can’t be a true writer without the courage to kill your own words.

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6 thoughts on “Editing is Murder… and other tips

  1. Amen. This was likely the most important lesson I learned in journalism school. While other students agonized over words and sentences that had so carefully crafted and arranged, I was learning to slice and dice without so much as an inkling of remorse.I keep reminding myself that we're not married to our words, that creating them is but one step along the way toward a kickin', polished end product. Developing my own editing style and process has been pivotal to my ability to make a living from this crazy gift.Thanks for the timely reminder!

  2. Totally agree, Carmi. The best lesson of editing is learning to divorce yourself from the words. They're just words, not lovers. Boot 'em. As a freelance writer, it's helped me relate to the editors I work with and keeps me professional and open-minded to their suggestions.

  3. I love editing! Writing, not so much… ;-)Hey Jeanne, I've loved learning about your Slavery By Another Name journey every step of the way. Thanks for sharing the highs and lows.There is a well-known writer whose name escapes me who said I'm a lousy writer but one hell of an editor. I love that quote. Really believe that the masterpiece emerges in the editing – chipping away at that block of stone – and this applies to mediums across the board.

  4. That is indeed a fantastic quote, Karen! I'll have to steal it – haha. I didn't realize how much I loved editing until I pushed through it with such gusto on this project. In truth, it's partly because I'm so passionate about the material. Thanks again for the comment and quote. Great!

  5. One of the great benefits of having a network of writers is learning from each other. When I tweet out a writing problem or a new journey I'm on, there's always someone ready and willing to offer unique advice… if you're willing to listen.

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