a disease diagnosed… an author born

November 22, 2008 is the day my life changed forever. Only months ago, I was an innocent 10-year-old running around carefree.  Then Crohn’s disease forced me to become a prisoner in my house.  I wouldn’t dare try to walk in fear that my stomach would explode. Lying down on the couch, watching old reruns of “Full House,” I dreamed of a book with a child’s perspective of Crohn’s with the hope of finding a cure.  Google was the only option to search for my dream book, but all I found were medical versions only adults could understand.

As time progressed, and tons of medicine ingested, my life began to return to normal… almost. Even though I was feeling better, I always felt a pang of guilt, running around playing soccer when I knew other children were still very sick.
Flashbacks of my dream of a children’s Crohn’s book pushed me to think if nobody else had the “guts” to write one, why couldn’t I?? For two months my fingers were sore from typing my special story about a girl who has Crohn’s disease, and through her determination, she finds a cure. Madison popcorn, snickers, and cashews were finally reunited!!

I believe, children with this serious illness will finally have something to look up to and something uplifting to read while they are feeling down.  Being 12 doesn’t mean that I can’t follow my dream.

~Grace Wilgucki

Our brave niece, Grace, is participating in the 2010 Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis Walkathon.  Please CLICK HERE to help her reach her $500 goal and help the effort in finding a cure.

If any children’s book publishers or agents are lurking out there, please contact me if you’d like to read Grace’s wonderful book.  Email: jeannevb2@gmail.com
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7 thoughts on “a disease diagnosed… an author born

  1. To Grace:As another "Crohn-ie" – I applaud you! Congrats for finding a way that works for your health and using it as a stepping stone and not a crutch… I can't wait to read your book when it's on the shelf.

  2. This is super courage (apparently runs in the family!). I see it being published for sure. There is a need for literature on important subjects from children's perspective. I think it was only today that I stumbled upon some links that said something along those lines. Will keep a look out and definitely report back. gratitude for sharing, Jeanne. ~annie

  3. You are so right, Grace. Age should not stop someone from following their dreams.I think your book will help so many children who are frightened and suffer from this disease. I love that you decided to have the guts to write one!

  4. Thanks so much for all of your support! I am so proud of our Grace and know she'll navigate the publishing industry just as courageously as she's grabbed control over Crohn's. Love you guys for reaching out to her!

  5. Grace, there is no age limit on ambition and dreams. Go for it. I loved your piece, especially your desire to help others through the ordeal. Also what a beautiful picture. Fingers crossed you get snapped up!

  6. Grace, I have Crohn's and I'm a writer, too. You know, there will be a cure for Crohn's in your lifetime: keep the faith in that – and in yourself, because there is a huge source of strength inside you, whatever you want to call it or however you want to think of it; it's the most powerful light in the universe, right inside you. What you're doing is great. Keep writing.

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