Adaptation Articles

Look at the movie titles in the theatres. Most of them are adaptations. With Hollywood loving intellectual property, why not seek out adapting a book or even turning your own script into a novel. Writers have to be experienced in more than one medium for survival, so give adaptation a shot.

Balls of Steel: Pursuit of the Project
Balls of Steel: Be Careful What You Ask For
Balls of Steel: Challenge Yourself to Change
Balls of Steel: Advice on Adapting a Book
Balls of Steel: Adapting Your Script Into a Novel
Balls of Steel: Script to Novel – 5 Steps to Adapting Backwards
Balls of Steel: Emma Frost on Writing, Charity & Adapting ‘The White Queen’ for Television
Line Between Good & Evil: Tim Talbott on Writing ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’
Adapting to the Beat for Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat!
Why I’m Writing Creative Nonfiction: Delving Inside People’s Heads for The Office of Letters and Light: NaNoWriMo

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