Tips for Pitching Agents, Managers, and Hollywood Executives

Pitching Hollywood executives is an art. They’re fickle. They are trained to say “no.” Buying your screenplay means they have to spend millions of dollars to get it from page to screen. Who wouldn’t be nervous to say “Hell, yes, SOLD!”

I’ve pitched more executives than I can count, from the President of HBO to assistants at pitchfests. Here are some of the articles I’ve written on Script magazine to share my tips, my lessons, and my failures. Like I said, pitching is an art. You can’t learn it overnight.

Learning how to manage expectations and handle rejection takes time, too. When you’re feeling defeated from pitch after pitch after pitch, read Balls of Steel: Pursuing a Writing Career When You Feel Lost. Yeah, it happens. Can’t lie to you. But just keep staying in the game. If you quit, it’s over. If you keep putting words on the page and putting yourself out there, it can happen. At least that’s my plan.

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