Creating Characters Articles

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a big believer in therapy and crawling inside people’s heads, both in life and in writing. I love, love, love creating complex characters. Dive inside my process of character creation.

Balls of Steel™: The Value of Voyeurism
Balls of Steel™: Therapy for Your Character
Balls of Steel™: Character Evolution Requires a Writer’s Evolution
Balls of Steel™: Finding Character Motivation, Conflict and Compassion
Balls of Steel™: What Can Writers Learn from Actor Interviews?
Balls of Steel™: Characters, Fate, Philosophy & Clarification
Jeanne’s Tuesday Screenwriting Tips: Character Evolution – Finding Your Characters’ Wounds
Jeanne’s Tuesday Screenwriting Tips: Writing Character Descriptors
Jeanne’s Screenwriting Tips: Elevate Your Story – Push Your Hero Off a Cliff

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