I’m not impressed with 2012. It has been the craziest rollercoaster year of my life. Frankly, it’s been so devastating at times I’ve actually hoped the Mayans are right.

When life propels you into a shit storm, it’s easy to only see the damage inflicted and miss the lessons you’re supposed to learn. In this month of Thanksgiving, I’m trying to focus on gratitude and lessons.

“What am I supposed to learn from all of this?”

Then it hit me… Peanuts.

Charlie Brown and his gang aren’t always kind to each other. In fact, Lucy is a bit of a narcissistic bitch. Even Linus can dig his heels in and be irrational. Great Pumpkin, anyone?

Then there is a friendship with a dog.

I’m not talking about Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I’m referring to the friendship of Snoopy with Woodstock.

“Woodstock knows that he is very small and inconsequential indeed. It’s a problem we all have. The Universe boggles us…Woodstock is a lighthearted expression of that idea.” – Charles M. Schulz

Woodstock was always my favorite Peanut’s character. As the youngest of four children and the shortest kid in my class, I could relate to that little bird. Despite being brilliantly yellow and adorable, he was quiet, stunted, and never flew in a straight line. Above all, he was loyal to Snoopy, and Snoopy was fiercely protective of him.

True friends.

I dug into the history of Woodstock’s origin last night:

“Woodstock made his debut, in 1966, when one of Snoopy’s bird friends made her nest on Snoopy’s stomach. After the mother bird left and did not come back, Snoopy decided to care for the birds until they hatched (which proved to be very difficult). When the eggs hatched and the baby birds flew away, one bird, who eventually became Woodstock, had a lot of trouble flying. The undertalented bird stayed by Snoopy and his doghouse. At first, Snoopy was annoyed by the winged pest, but eventually warmed to him.”

Snoopy was the friend Woodstock needed in his darkest hours.

Like Woodstock, I have moments of being fragile, unable to fly straight, let alone fly at all. And like that runt of a yellow bird, I have amazing friends who let me sit in their nest, lick my wounds, and get strong enough to fly again someday.

I am blessed.

No matter what you’re going through, seek out your friends. Sometimes the ones you least expect will be the ones who support you the most. Never, ever underestimate their power.

Thank them. Hold them dear. Show your appreciation. Above all, be there for them in their hour of need, as they were for you.

In the end, who cares how much money you had, what your job title was, or if you were a size 2. Your true value on this earth is measured by who remembers you fondly long after you’ve passed.

Even then, my celestial energy will find my friends and whisper support and love in their ears. They’ll know it’s me because my angel wings will still have me flying crooked.

No one flies straight all the time. It is in those crooked flight patterns we find what matters most to us — friendship.


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15 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Years come and go, there is triumph and despair, but your true friends are always there. (Even if some have been a little quiet lately!) And the ups and downs are great grist for the writing mill. Always liked Woodstock, too. There is something about ‘Peanuts’ that strikes a strong chord through a few generations. I always make the kids watch ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas every year’ and we always hike out into the field and cut down what we call our ‘Charlie Brown’ tree.

  2. Well, I said tomorrow but I am doing it tonight.

    Oh, Jeanne. You are my sponsor in Insecureaholics Anonymous. I am joining you after going through the most wretched experience of my professional life. One I cannot talk about, for it is so painful… and yet, I know I can whisper to you and all of those who are our foundations… even though right now, I am pretty much wet cement with a sign saying DANGER!
    See what I did there? I made your post about me.
    But then, that’s what it is. You are my Snoopy right now… and yet, you are Woodstock, a broken winged angel. I hope that I learn again to fly like you.
    Really needed this, and if I did, countless others did.

  3. So beautiful, Jeanne. Thank you!

    This year, above all else, has taught me about compassion and friendship and relationship in ever deepening ways. You’re a part of that learning.

    Thank you for who you are.


  4. From Wikipedia…

    Snoopy began befriending birds in the early 60s, when they started using his doghouse for various purposes: a rest stop during migrations, a nesting site, or a place to play cards. None of these birds were ever given names, or even used speech balloons; they simply looked at Snoopy and he understood them.

    Funny how that works…

    Stay cool because YOU ARE COOL.


    • Unk, Wikipedia forgot the one bird Snoopy kept to himself… Wild Turkey. I think that was the “bird” that inspired him to put on his Red Baron cap. Hee hee.

      You, my dear friend, make a good Snoopy. Solid. Trustworthy. Fighting villains, even if always in the doghouse. You better keep at it. Woodstock needs a perch to crash land.

  5. I’ve been so busy with LIFE that I haven’t visited here in a long time. This just reminded me what I love about your site. Man, did anyone skate through 2012 unscathed? I don’t think so, it seems everyone — including yours truly — had at best an iffy year or the shits thrown their way. Trying to think who was my favorite Schultz character, think it’s a toss up between Lionel, Peanuts and Woodstock. Hmm, tough call. Lots to think after reading this. Hugs!

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