From Country Girl to Film Courage: The Power of Community

Last week, I had the honor of participating in a fun Christmas campaign by David Branin and Karen Worden of Film Courage.  They gave the gift of allowing their audience to choose the radio guest for December 26th.  This past Sunday, they announced I had won the spot!  I’m beyond thrilled to represent not only the Scriptchat treefort, but also all the members of our incredible community of screenwriters.

The fun-spirited “competition” between myself and the other nominees didn’t lead to fist fights, slander, or smack talk, it lead to a widening of an already incredible community.  It was truly a Christmas miracle.

I’d like to formally tip my pimp fedora to Andrea Shreeman and Oklahoma Ward, both who put up a fierce fight to the end.  Because of their efforts and support, David and Karen have promised them slots to guest in 2011.  I can’t wait to help promote their appearances and their projects.

Another huge shout out to Hal Croasmun, president of ScreenwritingU, for rallying all the Pro Series alumni to cast their votes, as well as Jane Friedman and JT Ellison, who did the final weekend push of support.  Of course, the enormous rock-the-treehouse effort was led by my fellow treefort members, Kim Garland, Jamie Livingston, Zac Sanford and Mina Zaher.  I would be lost without all of you!

To all who voted, pimped me out on Twitter and Facebook, and watched the Scriptchat feed light on fire, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Imagine little old country girl me, on the LA Talk Radio station, all because of an astounding community of writers uniting!  I’m blown away, and so grateful to have all of your support and encouragement.

Please listen in on Sunday, December 26th at Noon PST.   You can go to the Film Courage page and click on my face, or go to and click on the Film Courage icon.  If you miss the show, you’ll be able to listen to an archived version.

I should warn you, I sound like I’m 12.  J

Happy Holidays!   You guys rock!

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3 thoughts on “From Country Girl to Film Courage: The Power of Community

  1. Jeanne, I am very grateful for all you had to say on this special Film Courage Christmas edition. Perhaps, as an individual or a community, supporting others in situations when they are doubtful about themselves, is the most valuable gift of all – especially in an industry like ours, that is so over-competitive.I've been thinking a lot about the last question you and Karen were discussing: what if a writer has too little ego? Is there really nothing he or she can do? What if you're stuck, and can't come up with enough "chuzpah" or craziness to get your writing out or even to write at all? What to say in such a case?The thought that kept coming to my mind was, what in German is called "Gelassenheit" – Let It Be! "Gelassenheit" is the opposite of "angst". The dictionary suggests a number of interpretations for "Gelassenheit": – but I'm not shure if any single one of these translations really get's it.After all – it is not a concept or a strategy or an attitude – it's an experience. We all have it from time to time. And, perhaps, the first thing to do (as in all things emotional) is to just recognize it when it's there. It means not to fight, not to struggle, not to push for anything. This doesn't have to be a contradiction to your practice of the Martial Arts, considering what is being told about the ancient Indian War Elephants: In a desperate situation, only after they had given up on their quest to survive, they finally became invincible.

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