Everyone tells you “it’s who you know” in Hollywood. What if you live across the globe and want a screenwriting career? Get offline and online networking tips to help you succeed, no matter where you live.

Balls of Steel™: Get Your Community On
Balls of Steel™: Your Character, Your Career
Balls of Steel™: Shifting Network to Relationships
Balls of Steel™: Give to Receive
Balls of Steel™: Reality Check
Balls of Steel™: Positive Attitude
Balls of Steel™: The Martial Art of a Writing Community
Balls of Steel™: Taking Your Online Network Offline
Balls of Steel™: Liar, Liar, Career on Fire
Jeanne’s Tuesday Screenwriting Tips: You’re Dead to Me
Jeanne’s Tuesday Screenwriting Tips: 7 Reasons to Shut Up & Listen
Jeanne’s Tuesday Screenwriting Tips: 5 Reasons to Use an Online Writing Network

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