New Perks for Impasse

Our IMPASSE campaign is going strong, thanks to all of your support both in spreading the word and in pledging.

As a THANK YOU to all of your efforts, we’ve added some fun new perks! (note: if you’d like to up your pledge to be able to get one of Doug’s books, just go to the Kickstarter page and enter the TOTAL new dollar amount of your pledge, not just the additional funds. Kickstarter will automatically disregard the previous number and take the latest number entered.)


  • $60 PLEDGE: LIMIT TWO: A 30-minute consult session with Sheri Candler on social media and content marketing of your campaign. This could be either an indie film, small business, any artist endeavor, and branding. Sheri is a legend… and priceless.
  • $125 PLEDGE: Autographed paperback of THE SAFETY EXPERT by Doug Richardson that is personalized to the donor. Who wouldn’t want that Bad Boy’s signature?
  • $200 PLEDGE: A pitch pass to The Great American Pitchfest, June 1-3, 2012 in Burbank, California (a $250 value). But that’s not all! Jeanne will personally buy you a drink at the Scriptchat Meetup, Saturday, June 2nd at the Marriott bar. You can drink, pitch executives, and meet screenwriters from Scriptchat. Win/win!
  • NEW MILESTONE: At $9,000 mark, Zac Sanford is offering development notes on a single script to one lucky backer of Impasse.  The development notes will include extensive line, scene, story, character & marketability notes.  This can be on a feature script, an original pilot, or a spec episode of an existing show (as long as he has enough knowledge of the show).  Besides the note, the writer will be allowed a follow up call or skype conversation to discuss the notes and game plan for the rewrite with me in further detail. OR… If the selected backer of Impasse would rather have a session to develop and hone a pitch for their script, that is another option.  Zac will read the script and work with the writer over the phone or on Skype to create an effective pitch and one-sheet to be used as a leave behind or query letter.
  • Total pledged of $7,000, then $8,000, then $9,000, then $10,000, and then $11,000: Autographed copy of JT Ellison’s new thriller novel DEEPER DARKNESS will be given away to one lucky backer in a random drawing! That’s FIVE of JT’s books for our IMPASSE backers to show our love!
  • Total Pledges of $12,000:
  • FREE Screenplay Consultation by Leigh Medeiros of Silver Wing Script Services to be given away to one backer, chosen at random.

So get your name on the backer list to be eligible for all the prizes! Here’s the link to pledge to IMPASSE. 

More new fun perks will be announced later in the campaign!


Some words from Leigh Medeiros, the generous script consultant helping our IMPASSE campaign:

Greetings screenwriters!

If you’re anything like me, you were pretty pumped to hear that the talented folks we know and love, Jeanne V. Bowerman and Michael Bekemeyer, have teamed up to write and direct (respectively) a short film together, IMPASSE.

Anyone on Twitter knows that these two are tireless in their tweets supporting fellow writers and filmmakers. That’s why I wanted to donate something – in this case a feature-length script analysis valued at $185 – to help them raise funds. I figured it might bring in a little more money than I had to offer. 

Who Am I?

I’m a former Hollywood script reader, writers’ assistant, college screenwriting instructor, and 2010 Screenwriting Fellow through the State of Rhode Island. I’ve been giving notes, coaching screenwriters and teaching script workshops since 2005. You can read more about my credentials here, if you like:

What’s The Process?

First you pledge to IMPASSE and help get the total amount pledged to $12,000. Then a random drawing of one backer’s name – and the winner gets the script analysis through your generous support of IMPASSE, once the project is fully funded. 

Then, you email me your script (with a release form, found on my website and I read it. Then I read it again. And again. All the while I’m taking notes, making connections, asking questions. Then we get on the phone and chat for about 1.5 hours discussing everything from plot and structure to character arcs and dialogue. The goal is to help you bring out your best story, while making it as appealing as possible to producers, agents, actors and anyone else you want to read it.

Yeah But Have I Actually Helped Anyone?

I think I have. Here’s what a couple folks have said about me:

“Like most people who decide to write a screenplay, I knew nothing about writing screenplays. I bought some books, read a few scripts and charged ahead. And the first draft turned out OK.  But then I sent it to Leigh. The notes she gave me were full of things that I didn’t want to hear.  But I needed to hear them. Character, structure, theme, pacing – she showed me what wasn’t working and then she gave me the tools to fix it. I listened and the results were beyond what I ever could have achieved on my own. My script made it to the semifinals of the Nicholl Fellowship. It landed me a manager and an agent. An Oscar winner wants to produce it.  I’ve just spent the past month meeting with some of the top production companies and studios in Hollywood. I am officially living the dream.  And I couldn’t have done it without Silver Wing Scripts. It’s hard to break in to Hollywood. You might only get one shot. And if you’re trying to get your foot in the door, don’t you think it’s worth a little money to make sure it’s your best foot? If you are serious about a career in screenwriting then you should seriously consider Silver Wing Scripts.” – Eirene Donohue, Nicholls Fellowship Semi-finalist, Black List screenwriter

“I was struck immediately by Leigh’s thoroughness. I found her to be an extremely helpful and giving resource person. I was extremely impressed with her ability to express valuable insights without the slightest hint of potentially bruising a writer’s ego. As a former teacher, I recognize what a skill set that entails. Her aim was to help, and she did that. In spades. She has inspired me to have a go at a re-write. Let me say, this is a valuable prize for any future winner.” – John Bain, 1st Place winner of the 2009 RI International Film Festival Screenplay Competition

So, if you have a script you’re getting ready to send out into the world, I hope you’ll bid on the script analysis here to show your support for IMPASSE, which is sure to be one helluva collaboration.

Write on!

Leigh Medeiros @Silverwingscrpt 

Silver Wing Script Services

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