Pitching Advice

The only way to get discovered by Hollywood is to pitch executives your work. I’ve pitched at countless screenwriting pitchfests and in top industry executives offices. Pitching is both exhilarating and terrifying, but a necessity. Mastering the art of the pitch takes time, but you can do it! Agents and managers need to find talented writers, and how you pitch a screenplay can make or break your chances of success.

Balls of Steel™: Pitching Takes a Team
Balls of Steel™: First Impressions
Balls of Steel™: Managing Expectations
Balls of Steel™: The Waiting Game
Balls of Steel™: Pitch Tips
Balls of Steel™: Don’t F*ck It Up!
Balls of Steel™: Reality Check
Balls of Steel™: The Executive – He’s Just Not That Into You
Balls of Steel™: Checklist for Pitchfests and Conferences
Balls of Steel™: Pitching Insights & Tips for Before You Submit Your Script
Balls of Steel™: How to Get Your Screenplay Read Without Asking
Balls of Steel™: Liar, Liar, Career on Fire
Balls of Steel™: Screenwriting Pitchfests – Ripoff or Opportunity?
Balls of Steel™: 6 Screenwriting Pitching Lessons from the Sharks
Jeanne’s Tuesday Screenwriting Tips: Sure-Fire Way to Nail a Pitch
Of Pitchfests and Pulitzersfor Great American Pitchfest

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