Writer’s Digest Lovin’

my tequila reputation in print

In the November/December issue of Writer’s Digest Magazine, my very first published

print article appeared. Wait, that sounds like a tongue twister.

Now, you can read the article online on the Writer’s Digest site:
Confessions of a Tweetaholic

Yes, I’m smiling… with a little tequila in hand.

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One thought on “Writer’s Digest Lovin’

  1. Your article was so inspirational! For a bunch of reasons.

    * The way you used Twitter to end your writer’s isolation
    * Recognizing a hole that needed filling and filling it (#scriptchat)
    * Being invited to the WD anniversary party (and using your chutzpah and last airline miles to attend :))
    * Landing in *Writer’s Digest* for your first print article (way to go!)

    I’m glad you also mentioned how much hard work you put into your Twitter success. You certainly deserve to reap all these benefits from your hard work. And you’re an inspiration to other writers, big time!

    (You also made me feel better about the times I’ve spent 2+ hours on Twitter when I felt I should have been writing or running my business.)

    Congrats on the article. I can’t tell you how motivated I feel, in various directions, after reading it.

    ~ Milli

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