Forty Pounds

Holy heifer… I won!

Pauline Campos, our very own @aspiringmama, is running an essay contest on her Aspiring Mama site for mothers to share their stories of postpartum weight loss.  Gee, an opportunity to reveal how fat I got… how could I resist?

Apparently, I was either the best essay writer, or I gained more weight than any other entrant.  Regardless, check out my jiggle journey and read for yourself:

Baby F(Ph)at Winner #1: Forty Pounds

If you’re a mom with a story to share, don’t forget to enter her ongoing monthly contest.  Let the phat mama reign!

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8 thoughts on “Forty Pounds

  1. That was fantastically funny. I love it! And thanks mention. You won fair and square. It had nothing to do with the brownies or cookies you sent over. I swear….

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