Passing. It’s what cars do on the road, what children do in school, and what people do in life. Pass each other, sometimes forming friendship lasting for decades, sometimes for minutes. Two weeks ago, my best friend and production company … Continue reading



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“Life is short.” We’ve heard the expression a million times, but how often have you soaked in what those words truly mean? Last week, a fellow writer and friend suddenly passed away. Just gone. One day he was there, the … Continue reading

Risk Your Fate


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Today, on the side of a highway, I saved a woman’s life.  Some people have called me a “hero”, but I don’t think I am. All I did was follow my gut. Do you trust your gut enough to take … Continue reading

Who Do You Attract? ALS and Friendship


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Saturday morning, September 5, 2009. As I pulled my weary body out of bed, I reached for my cell, finding a stream of unopened emails. I scrolled down, reading, “Call me when you get this.” My heart sank. I didn’t … Continue reading

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