Write or Die


Today, I officially became a freelance writer, and I owe it to insanity. I was too insane to quit. I was a hustler by day.  Sales.  Straight commission.  Even though I enjoyed my job, the economy was not conducive to … Continue reading

save Karen… I beg you


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When I started blogging, I made myself a simple promise to post every two weeks.   Doable, right?  Wrong.  Real life gets in the way.  Specifically, the current script we’re writing.   Oh, I’ve thought of at least half a dozen topics, … Continue reading

I will not read your f*cking script or manuscript… until June


By now, I’m confident most of you have heard about Josh Olsen’s blog in The Village Voice, “I Will Not Read Your F*cking Script”.  While I find his lack of tact or ability to give back distasteful, I’m going to … Continue reading

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