Amazing Retreat for Writers!

My dear friend, and award-winning screenwriter, Jacob Krueger has found a way to nurture not only a writer’s mind but also their soul.

Writing retreats… Costa Rican style!

When Jacob learned my short film IMPASSE was being held hostage by money woes, he offered to help. Not only is he giving us financial backing, he’s also giving IMPASSE lovers an amazing offer (if you’re not a writer but have writers in your network, please spread the word on your Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email):

Have you ever dreamed of a writing getaway?  Ever longed for a place where the only thing that mattered was writing?  Then join award-winning screenwriter Jacob Krueger for a life-changing retreat of writing, creative exploration and meditation in tranquil Costa Rica.  Sign up by March 31st and mention IMPASSE when you sign up, and you’ll get a free month of weekly one-on-one mentorship with a professional writing coach to get you primed for the retreat ($350 value)!

Grab your laptop, bikini, moo moo, and flip flops, and head on down to Costa Rica for either 5, 10 or 20 days to write and network with other writers from all over the world. The ones who have gone in the past have maintained those friendships, some even having meetups in their local cities.

Did I hear you say, “Oh, that’s too luxurious!”

This is the sound of me slapping you!

YOU DESERVE IT! First of all, it’s not as extravagant as you think. Jacob has found a way to make this retreat totally affordable. Plus there is a payment plan option!

The ocean air alone is going to re-energize you… and that will help your creativity.

You deserve it.

WRITING: The gang gets together in groups for classes or just to gather in a room to do a “writing sprint” together.

Some of the classes offered in the past include:
Screenwriting Workshops, Hypnosis For Writers Block, Meditative Writing, Screenplay Format, Writing For Coverage Readers, Writing For Production, Taking Notes & Giving Feedback, The Art of The Rewrite, Seven Act Structure, Pitching & Marketing For Writers, Goal Setting, Building A Writer’s Lifestyle and More!

Your writing deserves it!

FUN: Every morning starts with a serene yoga session on a hilltop pavilion overlooking the ocean. Swoon. Beyond the time you’ll spend writing, each retreat features a day of excursions — zip line, bike riding, turtle sanctuary, bike riding, snorkeling, horseback riding, etc. Writers need to do more than write. They need to LIVE!

Your life and sanity deserves it!

HOTEL: The entire hotel is reserved for the retreat. My guess is, with a house full of writers, the hotel will have it’s lowest hot water bill in history… and it’s biggest bar tab 🙂


COST: “Cost of the retreat starts as low as $1850 with this special discount (purchase by June 10th) and includes everything you need for a perfect screenwriting getaway: a luxurious air-conditioned room or bungalow, daily breakfast and dinner for the entire stay, screenwriting lectures, workshops, writing marathons and feedback sessions, daily yoga, nightly film screenings, unlimited access to writing areas and lots of special surprises.”

See, I told you… affordable.

Did I mention the cost includes an amazing breakfast and dinner served by a chef? Oh yeah, Jacob knows how to treat his writers.



Check out some photos from the latest retreats to witness the fun you’re going to have when you sip tequila on the beaches of Costa Rica! You can also ‘like’ the retreat on Facebook to get updates.

Consider this my #PIMPtipoftheday.

Sign up before June 10th to get a special discount!

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Retreat for Writers!

  1. I think also, that there should be even cooler things for the more action orientated writers, such as fight choreography, weapons handling (and shooting), evasive driving etc, as nothing annoys me more than reading ‘the shotgun roared, sending Nikki flying through the window’, ‘he switched to semi-automatic and emptied his magazine in five bursts’, ‘he launched a flurry of blows’ etc. Give them a taste of combat and get these writers writing from knowledge, and not what they’ve seen on TV.

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