Social Media


Not all screenwriters live in Los Angeles. But how can a writer on the other side of the country make connections? Social media is a great way. However, there are rules of online engagement that could increase your odds of … Continue reading

I Survived Gary W. Goldstein’s Breaking Into Hollywood Hangout!


Yes, I want that on a T-shirt! If you missed the hangout last night, no worries, Gary posted it on his YouTube channel and it’s embedded below. We had a great time chatting about facing fears, using Twitter to make … Continue reading

And They Say Twitter is a Time Suck


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I couldn’t possibly count the number of times my family collectively rolled their eyes while I obsessively tweeted from my Mac, iPad, iPhone… and sometimes all three at once. Tweetaholic? Maybe. Don’t judge me. It works. In less than three … Continue reading

Scriptchat has arrived!


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What started as a little Twitter screenwriting chat on Sunday evenings has turned into an internet phenomenon…. okay, maybe just a big screenwriter party of learning. Script Magazine mentions #scriptchat in the November/December 2010 issue! Thanks to Joshua Stecker, West … Continue reading

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