Tips for Writing and Screenwriting Conferences


Writing conferences are expensive, so it’s important to be prepared to make the most of the events. Often, there’s an opportunity to pitch your work as well. I’ve been to countless screenwriting conferences and share the lessons I wish I … Continue reading

Creating Characters Articles


Everyone who knows me knows I’m a big believer in therapy and crawling inside people’s heads, both in life and in writing. I love, love, love creating complex characters. Dive inside my process of character creation. Characters: Balls of Steel™: … Continue reading

Breaking Into Hollywood Articles


“How do I break into screenwriting?” If only I had a penny for every time someone asked that question. I wish there was a simple answer, but the film industry is possibly the most dysfunctional business model ever. The bottom-line … Continue reading

Adaptation Articles


Look at the movie titles in the theatres. Most of them are adaptations. With Hollywood loving intellectual property, why not seek out adapting a book or even turning your own script into a novel. Writers have to be experienced in … Continue reading

Tips for Pitching Agents, Managers, and Hollywood Executives


Pitching Hollywood executives is an art. They’re fickle. They are trained to say “no.” Buying your screenplay means they have to spend millions of dollars to get it from page to screen. Who wouldn’t be nervous to say “Hell, yes, … Continue reading

Danny Manus, Kittens and Characters


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I’m constantly meeting people who prove the six-degrees-of-separation theory. Danny Manus is one of those people. As a newbie screenwriter in 2008, I pitched him, unsuccessfully I may add. But there was something about him I liked. He was so … Continue reading

IMPASSE Short Film – Picture Lock and Poster Reveal


We are proud to announce we finally have a locked picture, a brand new production company, Implicit Productions, LLC, and now can reveal the official poster for IMPASSE! Picture Editor Eric Brodeur and Director Michael Bekemeyer worked tireless to get the cut just right. … Continue reading

‘Slavery by Another Name’ Narrative Adaptation Finds Producers


In this week’s Balls of Steel Goes Into the Writing Room and Behind the Lines with DR, I finally spill the beans of why I was in Los Angeles last week. Our passion project, the narrative adaptation of the Pulitzer … Continue reading

Amazing Retreat for Writers!


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My dear friend, and award-winning screenwriter, Jacob Krueger has found a way to nurture not only a writer’s mind but also their soul. Writing retreats… Costa Rican style! When Jacob learned my short film IMPASSE was being held hostage by … Continue reading

From Book to Documentary to Narrative


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For those who have followed the journey of our feature adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Slavery by Another Name, you already know the documentary version of the same book is competing at Sundance. Douglas A. Blackmon, the book’s author and … Continue reading

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